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Network Building & Management

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Managed health care has generated a flood of provider networks over the past three decades.  This managed care evolution has been disappointing for its failure to yield affordability, higher quality and value.  As a result, commercial payors, government payors and employers are left seeking stronger customized solutions for provider networks.  Health care reform measures in the PPAC Act of 2009 specify Accountable Care Organizations and Bundled Payment Arrangements.  The emergence of electronic medical records and the digitization of transaction sets and health data spark the need for newer forms of networking between health providers to create efficiency and improve health care quality.  Employers seek provider networks organized to measure performance and to promote the most effective and efficient physicians and hospitals.

Opportunities exist today to combine networks of high-quality primary care physicians with highly sophisticated and flexible information systems for care coordination.  INNOVA HEALTH SOLUTIONS has incorporated a highly flexible on-line, real-time information system to enable physicians to improve quality.  The system allows physicians to prioritize patients by severity, track patient compliance with medications, and to ensure patients are treated in accordance with the highest standards of HEDIS and other noted health care metrics. 

INNOVA HEALTH SOLUTIONS leaders are experienced in a wide range of network solutions, having developed networks for national health plans, large health delivery systems, and state and regional physician organizations.   INNOVA has built and ran networks spanning from the mid-Atlantic region through Texas, ranging from risk bearing Independent Practice Associations (IPAs),  to comprehensive PPO networks, to HMO plans and specialty networks for workers compensation, mental health, and radiology services.  Network solutions may be tailored for commercial clients, Medicare, and Medicaid payors.