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IDENTIFY LTC PROVIDERS EHR READINESS – includes staff interviews, review of work flows and inventory current hardware and software to determine provider readiness for EHR programs. Project results in written report to management of findings and recommendations.


PRIORITIZATION OF LTC PROVIDERS EHR NEEDS – help guide providers with the help of provider specialized work groups in identifying the unique LTC provider EHR needs.


EHR RETURN ON INVESTMENT ESTIMATE – Following the LTC Readiness for an EHR, INNOVA projects estimated cost savings , revenue increase, and improved productivity potential. Gives management a sense of how to proceed with EHR acquisition.


EHR SELECTION PROCESS help guide providers through a detailed & customized strategy to identify the EHR that meets their needs. This process engages staff work teams and INNOVA for 8 to 12 weeks and concludes with system selection, negotiated rate, ROI projections and implementation plan.


CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS – begins with the prioritization needs and eases LTC staff into the transition of paper charting, or EHR inefficiencies to an automated system pre-EHR implementation or maximized EHR system.


BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT with specialized work teams map out current workflows and streamline processes through detailed mapping to begin EHR implementation planning.


MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS OF YOUR EHR – a detailed project management process focused on LTC providers only using one or limited features of their EHR. INNOVA can assist providers in analyzing the current use of their EHR and identify opportunities to maximize the use of the EHR resulting in improved quality and efficiencies within your long term care center.