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INNOVA Health Solutions LLC has completed a business affiliation with Datotel, a major provider of information systems hosting services based in St. Louis, MO.  This affiliation equips INNOVA with highly secure expanded data storage and “transaction power” for its health care informatics business line.  INNOVA serves major U.S. hospitals and a national health and wellness screening company with data integration support.  The INNOVA service is positioned to strengthen health care providers in tracking health care consumers through the process of health screenings, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. 


Datotel is a leading information service provider of Cloud Computing Environments, Colocation and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  Datotel serves major national and regional companies across many fields dealing with highly sensitive personal data with PCI and HIPAA compliance needs, including health care, banking and retail.  Datotel has achieved the SSAE16 (SOC1) certification.


 “Through Datotel, INNOVA is positioned to significantly expand its role as a health data support to health care providers.  Datotel gives us the processing power, capacity and certifications, we now have the band-width and security protection to assist health care providers in their efforts to extend outreach to patients and to track patients’ progress through the health care delivery continuum,” as stated by Bruce Gosser, Principal, INNOVA Health Solutions.  Health care reform places increased emphasis on hospitals and physicians to focus on the health of communities they serve.  INNOVA takes consumer data from one source and matches these individuals with downstream health care services, diagnoses and financial data related to treatment.  Gosser adds, “The health of our communities will be improved when provider organizations take on the same data power of large retailers who know consumer preferences, track purchases and understand consumer needs.  INNOVA processing offers  hospitals and physicians a link to the needs of consumers.”


For more information about INNOVA data integration services, please contact Bruce Gosser by e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone, 314-974-1191


May 25, 2012 : INNOVA and Partner to Offer Data Analysis

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Life Line Screening (LLS) announced today that it has formed a unique business relationship with INNOVA Health Solutions aimed at improving the ability of the company's sponsoring providers, including hospitals and major health care systems, to perform better outreach to high risk consumers in their market areas. Using data collected from Life Line Screening’s comprehensive services, INNOVA Connect quickly identifies individuals with chronic and acute medical indicators for follow up by the sponsoring provider. Additionally, detailed reports provided every 90 days for up to one year match data collected from the screenings with utilization data, enabling sponsors to monitor market share and return on investment.