Innova Health Solutions - Core Values

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Core Values

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INNOVA Health Solutions considers safety, security, and privacy of personal health data and client information of paramount importance and continuously monitors and enhances our systems to ensure that all data, processes, and tools remain secured and in compliance with all legal requirements.

INNOVA conducts all its business with integrity and transparency. As a socially involved company, we support the quality, affordability, and accessibility of health care services for Americans, and to that aim, promote the benefits of primary health care and the Primary Care Medical Home practice model.


  • To support the delivery of value-based, patient-centered, integrated health care through systems and strategies designed to improve clinical processes and outcomes
  • To create effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to the operational, market, and financial challenges faced by our diverse clientele
  • To empower our clients with meaningful and actionable new information
  • To promote primary care and encourage appropriate recognition and reimbursements of PCPs
  • To advance the transformation of physician practices toward Primary Care Medical Homes